The Titanic Tour of Liverpool

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RMS Titanic Crew

Liverpool Hear the in depth story of the the crew and passengers involved in the fateful day. From the Captain ,Officers and crew to the artifacts and evidence that was brought to the surface during the intense investigation.

100th Anniversary

Liverpool 2012 marks the 100th anniversary since the Titanic was lost at sea, on the night of 15th April 1912.Several exibitions and events are planned around Liverpool to commemorate this year.

The Titanic Tour of Liverpool

Welcome and "all aboard!" for our very special Titanic voyage of discovery around Liverpool. On this tour we'll take you back in time to uncover the full story and links between Liverpool and the tragic story of the RMS Titanic.
Your guide will pick you up from within the city and take you back over 100 years ago from the time the plans were only a dream.
What was the connection between this great city and the record breaking vessel? Well the answer is alot more than most people think, so join us to delve in to the depths and discover the facts...

Titanic Tour Liverpool

Hear the in depth story....

Many films and books have given their own twist on the cause of the disaster, by the end of this tour you will be enlightened by the personal stories, we will take you to the homes of the crew and you will feel a greater connection to facts and dismiss that of fiction.
You will be moved by the tales of bravery and of course tragic loss of so many lives, at the end of the tour we visit the memorial to pay our respects to those who died, and take a moment to remember them.

book tour Liverpool